What is au pair

The Au Pair program is an international cultural exchange that offers young people the opportunity to spend time abroad, get to know a new culture and improve their language skills. This is done in exchange with a host family who needs support with childcare. Meanwhile, you live with your host family, who will provide you with board and lodging. You will also receive pocket money in exchange for your help with childcare and light household chores.

As an au pair you have the opportunity to travel, learn and make many international friends - but the heart of your au pair experience is taking care of your host children. As a loving caregiver, you are responsible for ensuring that the children are safe, happy, and active.

Why become an au pair?

Being an au pair is so much more than looking after children. Germany is a country that is a mixture of innovation, history and culture. From Hamburg to Munich, life in Germany offers you the opportunity to experience a multicultural society, to discover cities and landscapes and to learn German.

Some of the many advantages


Personal development

When you live abroad you gain independence and confidence and you feel ready for the next chapter of your life


Work experience

Gain work experience that you can add to your resume, develop new skills, and prepare for your next career move


Improve your language skills

Au pairs in Germany will not only improve their language skills, but will also discover a multicultural society and interesting traditions through their host family


Cultural exchange

Live with a host family and experience the German way of life while sharing your own culture


Lifelong memories

Meet new friends from all over the world and make unforgettable memories together


The cheapest way to spend a year abroad

Nevertheless, the Au Pair program is the easiest way to have an unforgettable experience abroad for little money.

What do you do as an au pair?

The answer to this question is not always clear. The duties of an au pair, working hours and salary as well as the typical au pair day vary depending on the needs of the host family.
The au pair tasks are different, depending on the needs of the host family.

The main task is to take care of the children and play with them. As a temporary family member, the au pair is expected to do light housework.  

The tasks

The duties of an au pair are:

- Playing with the children
- Drive the children to school and to leisure activities
- Cook meals for the children
- Keep the children's room clean
- Wash or sometimes iron children's laundry
- Help the children with their homework
- Put the kids to bed
- Help the children with personal hygiene
- Doing shopping. Empty the dishwasher

What should an au pair NOT do?

- Cooking for the whole family
- Cleaning up rooms that are not for the community, as well as gardening
- Wash the car
- Wash and iron laundry for the whole family
- Clean windows
- Take care of other people's children
- Take care of pets if not discussed beforehand
An au pair should not be confused with a domestic help. Rather, the Au Pair program is a cultural exchange for both sides. The au pair is not there to take care of the household.

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