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We offer online courses for different levels - The German grammar is presented in a friendly manner. Short and clear rules plus lots of exercises


We are a small team of Germanists and we only deal with German. We value our and your time. That is why you will receive a price offer and a reasonable time limit for your text from us as soon as possible.

Au Pair program

Do you know the Au Pair program? We will be happy to send you 1 year free of charge in Germany. You are not supposed to pay rent or bills.

Hello, my name is Diana!

I founded Deutsch Academy in 2020 to save other students all the difficulties I went through in learning German.
More about me:

 - 1 marketing course
 - 1 language course abroad
 - 1 year in Munich
 - 2 language certificates
 - 2 universities of German studies
 - 3 programs abroad
 - 3 years in the theater school
 - 5 years in outsourcing
 - 8 volunteer projects in Bulgaria and Europe
 - 12 years of experience with German

Deutsch Academy

Learn German better and faster

We're here to make learning easier! Deutsch Academy is one of the best and friendliest online academies for up-to-date German learning worldwide.

This is because we always bring understanding to the learning process! We offer affordable and up-to-date courses and interesting eBooks.

We calmly support each student through the learning process and examine the stress factors so that we can exclude them.

Our learners always say that the teacher is seen more as a “friend”.


Now 50% cheaper

  • 20 lessons; 50+ hours of video lessons

  • Unlimited access

  • Practical exercise

  • Team of Germanists only

  • Get a certificate from Deutsch Academy

  • Private community






Au Pair program

Do you know the Au Pair program?

The Au Pair program is an international cultural exchange that offers young people the opportunity to spend time abroad, get to know a new culture and improve their language skills.

During your stay, as an Au Pair, you will support your host family with childcare and light housework. You will receive pocket money from the host family for this.

The program offers many benefits and unforgettable memories for a lifetime.


Professional team

In contrast to other translation agencies, we only work with Germanists.

Better prices

It is important for us that both sides are satisfied. That's why we keep the team small so that we can always offer the best prices.

Reasonable time

Our team is small and only confirms itself with German. We don't waste any time trying to find the right person in the company, so we start texting straight away.


Please send us a detailed description. How can we help you?